Notaries & What They Do

A Notary is a secular lawyer and a legal officer of ancient standing. The functions of Notaries or the Notary services provided by Notaries include the preparation and execution of legal documents for use abroad, attesting the authenticity of deeds and writings, and protesting bills of exchange. Notaries in England and Wales may also provide any non-contentious legal service, including Conveyancing and Probate activities.  You may need to see a Notary to:

  • Sign a Power of Attorney in the presence of a notary public.
  • Get a certified copy of a passport.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Make a statutory declaration or swear an oath or swear an affidavit.
  • Transfer property.
  • Sign a deed in front of a notary.
  • Buy or sell property abroad.
  • Have a translation certified by a notary.
  • Confirm your single status in order to marry.
  • You may have lost your passport or your share certificates.
  • Get an apostille or other legalisation.
  • Set up a company branch office.
  • Sign an acknowledgment in front of a notary.
  • Have your contracts authenticated by a notary.
  • Have closing documents for a mortgage, sale of loan.
  • Assign patents, trademarks or domain names.
  • Any other documents for abroad, which require a notary stamp.
  • Have notarised copies made of your qualifications or other documents.
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