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Notary Public in London-Holborn Notary

Holborn Notary public is located in Central London and is regulated by the Faculties Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury. We are a member of the Notaries Society. Holborn Notary is a one-stop practice for all kinds of Notarial and Consular assistance. We offer same day and out-of-office hours appointments. We can also attend your premises.

Why do I need a notary?

A Notary Public in England and Wales is a lawyer authorised to be a professional witness. He can therefore validate execution of contracts, agreements, facts, or documents. His such certification is recognised in other countries. When submitting certain document from the United Kingdom to another country it maybe a requirement that the same be authenticated, certified, notarised etc.. by a Notary Public. You are likely to need a Notary Public for a wide variety of services like buying or selling property abroad, Setting up a company branch office, statutory declarations, affidavits, statements, powers of attorney and tax declarations being some examples.

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Why should I choose Holborn Notary?

  • Our fees are competitive and we offer a quick turnaround

  • We are easily accessible and located in Central London.

  • We will provide you with complete and comprehensive legal advice and full price information prior to proceeding with the matter.

  • We serve both individuals and corporates clients and can visit you if you are unable to travel

  • We are an end to end provider of notary services including Apostille, legalisations and courier of documents to anywhere in the world

  • We are open five days a week and some out of office hours as well. However please call before you walk in.

We provide you with the best

You can trust and rely on us for all your Notrial and Legal Documentation needs.


A Notary is a secular lawyer and a legal officer of ancient standing. The functions of Notaries or the Notary services provided by Notaries include firstly the preparation and execution of legal documents for use abroad, secondly attesting the authenticity of deeds and writings Protesting bills of exchange.


We help you with your personalized documentation faster and more efficiently. Moreover, we offer individual services like Marriage Certificates, Document Translation Services, Certified Copy Documents, Statutory Declarations, Drafting and execution of Power of Attorney, and many more.


We will help you through all your business legalisation procedures. If you are a corporate client, you should submit the documents as per government rules. We can help you through all the documentation processes, Legal Translation, Ballots, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations, and Notarial Certifications.


We have helped thousands of clients around the UK get what they were looking for. We want to help you next!

Very friendly and helpful. Office in a Wework space so pleasant environment. Competent, efficient and reasonably priced.


Offers a great and professional service at all time. Quick response, affordable and very satisfactory. I highly recommend.

Moza Himid

I went to Kumar Associates to get documents for selling a property abroad. They did a great job, putting me at ease, and explaining.

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