Business Services

We provide all notarial services for companies including the ones mentioned below:
  • Certification of the execution of Company documents including- 1. Corporate Powers of Attorney. 2.Notarisation of Certificates of Incorporation or Articles of Association for UK or International Companies. 3.Certified Copies of Company Resolutions, Minutes, Reports, and other Company Documents. 4.Certificates of Law. For e.g. the effect and scope of a particular provision of English Company Law. 5.Notarised Certificates of Good Standing from the Companies House (Companies Registration Office for England & Wales).

  • Certification of Identity of Directors, Secretaries, and other Company Officers.

  • Certification of a document in a foreign language with its English translation

  • Notarial Certification of all types

  • Legalisation/Apostilles.

  • Affidavits and Statutory Declarations

  • Openings of Tenders, Bond & Debenture Operations, Share Issue.

  • Ballots

  • Legal Translation from most languages.

  • Ship Sale & Purchase.

  • Agency Services for Service of Process

  • Protesting Bills of Exchange.

  • Ship Protests.

  • Certifying the execution of Commercial Contracts for International Use.

  • Assistance with documentation for Copyright infringement.