What You Need to Know Before Saying ‘I Do’ Abroad”


Marriage Abroad

Many British couples nowadays choose to have a Destination Wedding and get married in foreign countries or islands. Opting for destination weddings instead of traditional ones are certainly fun but they do have some legal requirements that need to be met. Are you planning your wedding destination? Here are some legal procedures you must take care of when you marry abroad.

For British nationals, getting married abroad is considered legal in the UK as long as they follow the laws of the country where they choose to marry, and the government recognises the marriage. Specific certificates may need to be provided, such as a Certificate of No Impediment, proof of name and nationality, a Single Status Statutory Declaration for those who have never been married, a Decree Absolute if divorced, a death certificate if widowed, and proof of current address. These documents must be submitted in their original or certified form and in some cases also translated from English and certified.

It is crucial to thoroughly research the legal requirements for getting married in your country of choice, as they differ from country to country. Taking legal advice at least six months before the wedding, particularly regarding the prenuptial agreement, is strongly advised.

A Certificate of No Impediment is a certificate that proves that there is no objection to a marriage or civil partnership. It is typically issued from the UK registry, and if a British citizen wants to get married abroad, they can obtain this certificate from the local registry office in UK and in some cases also through the British Embassy. These documents, in certain instances need to be apostilled and Holborn Notary can assist with obtaining the Apostille from FCDO.

If a marriage certificate is not provided after getting married outside the UK, an affidavit or other legal documents can be used to prove the marriage. An affidavit is a written statement of a person under oath, to tell the truth about the information in the statement.

British couples commonly get married in countries as Gibraltar, Spain, New York, Denmark, west Indian Island Italy. etc. However as the rules vary from country to country it maybe a requirement to have a passport and legal documents attested by a Notary Public. A Notary Public can also help with legalisation and document translation if needed.

In conclusion, getting married abroad is an exciting prospect, but it is crucial to follow the legal requirements to ensure the marriage is valid. By doing a thorough research and seeking legal advice, couples can enjoy a beautiful wedding ceremony and create lasting memories. We have advised many couples to have hassle free marriages and please contact Holborn Notary for further details.

**Nothing in this blog is to be taken as Legal advice and please take specific advice regarding your circumstances before you proceed.

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