How to register a company abroad? Important things to know.


The global economy and international markets are expanding and hence this is a vital time for businesses. Many British business owners now consider registering or moving their business overseas to be of  benefit to their business.

Moving an existing company from the UK to another country differs from registering a new company or setting up a start-up abroad. Regardless of your business transaction, you are likely to require a Notary’s assistance for the legal process, documentation and certification. We at Holborn Notary are geared to meet all your commercial notarisation needs. Here are a few points that can help resolve your queries.

How to set up a business abroad?

Most countries initially give you a warm welcome and support for starting a business there however when you really get down to it you must go through proper legal procedures which can most of the times see daunting.

The country you choose to start your business are likely to require several documents that must be certified before a Notary. Public That is because Notary Public’s seal and authentication are accepted internationally as a confirmation of the authenticity and legality of your submitted business documents.

Tips for moving your business overseas

We can quickly help set up your company abroad with the right business plan and strategy.

For more information, read this advice from the Government of the UK.

How can you move your limited company abroad?

Moving your business to a foreign country is a challenging decision. There are lots of factors to be considered by the business owners to ensure their decision.


A UK-limited company is incorporated in 3 jurisdictions; you can only change these jurisdictions if you close it down. That means your limited premises will remain in the UK.

The most common way is to dissolve your company in the UK and reregister it in a foreign country. When your new company is set up, transfer your business assets to the new company.

Another option is to register a new company in a different country and give the same name to it. This will be permitted because both companies are considered part of the same group. You can keep your UK-registered company and trade in multiple locations worldwide. This is the best possible and most effective way for your business. Mainly, large corporations use this way to expand their company branches globally.

How can a notary help you with business needs?

When starting or moving a business abroad, you are likely to need to submit commercial and personal documents signed in the presence of a Public Notary and have them certified. A notary’s witness signature and authentication maybe necessary for global recognition.We provide all the notarial service for business.

For legal process you may ask to some documents before notary public:

How important is it to translate business documents to another language?

The globalisation of your business may need translation of your business documents because in most countries, it is mandatory to translate business documents into their native language.

We can hire a qualified professional to translate your documents but we can’t rely on a freelancer to handle essential documents. You are likely to need to notarise these translations and have them certified by a public notary.

Also, you need Apostille from the FCDO before these documents maybe accepted abroad, and some countries request consular legalisation along with notarised translation. 

We can help you with all the procedures needed for translation and notarization. Get in touch with us and we can get started with the next step in your journey.

**Nothing in this blog is to be taken as Legal advice and please take specific advice regarding your circumstances before you proceed.

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